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Hey there! Welcome to my website! I'm just a nerdy, corky, hyper girl who prefers to go by the name of, "Creepy" I use Jasmine, the cat seen the the picture above, to represent me at all times. 

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What's my current favorite lps?

Reason being...

She is so darn cute! She represents me perfectly and I love her very much ^^

What Books/Movies/Shows Do I like?


Warriors cats series, the Hunger Games series, The Fifth Wave Series. 

Shows(Mostly Anime)

 Inu-Yasha, Sailor Moon, Naruto, Bleach, DaiyaNoA, Haikyuu, Death Note, Devil is a Part-timer, Umaru, Ouran Highschool Host Club, Black Butler, GinNoSaji, Pokemon, Steven Universe, Chi's Sweet Home, ATLA and LOK.

My Favorite...

Color: Blue

Animal: Cat

Food: Sushi 

Lobster Rolls

Toy: LPS!
Hobby: Writing, Drawing,

Clothing: Socks

Season: Winter

Desert: Ice cream!
Show: Hm... Idk


My Hobbies:

I am currently learning Japanese, and I like making videos, watching shows and anime, writing, reading, baking, playing volleyball, I am also really interested in Japanese culture and hope to visit Japan one day!

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